GoDistribution is a South African wholesale security distributor of leading global brands across industry sectors including airborne UAV technologies, thermal and optical vision systems, perimeter detection and protection systems.

This new wholesale venture is the latest entity to come out of the long-established TeleEye SA stable which has previously launched the successful complementary brands, GoUAV.co.za and GoThermal.co.za.

GoDistribution specifically brings together a collection of leading brands like FLIR Systems, DJI, HIKvision and others from several market sectors into one convenient wholesale distribution platform.

By adding additional value through consulting, client training and systems design; GoDistribution is emerging as a specialist in the application of military-grade thermal, radar, optical and drone technologies to strategic areas of the South African economy such as farming, energy, telecoms, mining, oil and gas.

GoDistribution stated goal is to engage with the dealer and end user of radar technologies, perimeter protection devices, high-end thermal detection and others to achieve the best deal for both parties.