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Combining self-developed thermal imaging technology with Hikvision’s extensive experience in the video surveillance field, Hikvision are equipped to provide a full range of thermal products – all of which are able to meet customers’ various requirements. From single-lens bullet cameras which provide an economical total cost of ownership to dual-lens products such as bullet cameras, speed domes, and positioning systems which offer pan & tilt flexibility and simultaneous video streams that include both visible light and thermal imaging. With Hikvision thermal products complex functions can be achieved. For example, bi-spectrum linkage can trigger automatic optical tracking if thermal units detect a target, and the fire detection function can locate fires and automatically zoom in with a traditional camera for visible confirmation. To meet accurate temperature-measuring requirements, Hikvision offer thermography bullet & PTZ cameras, which support point, line, and frame temperature measurement types.

GoDistribution pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of thermal imaging and its applications and have many years of hands on experience, from specifying early warning perimeter protection and fire detection systems to complex industrial automation thermography projects. Our experts are available to assist you with your project specifications and design and partner you with your successful implementation of your HIKvision thermal solutions. 

advanced detection ability

Integrated with intelligent applications, such as line crossing and intrusion detection, these cameras at the same time trigger a traditional pan / tilt / zoom camera to supply pertinent video to an operator. this application becomes especially effective in perimeter protection and area surveillance applications.

temperature measurement

Thermal cameras can monitor temperatures of specified objects; if temperatures exceed or fall below a certain limit, an alarm will be triggered. They can also track highlighted temperature-spans in an image through isotherm palettes. This enables an interpretation of events in a scene. Thermal cameras are the ideal choice for the prevention of fires, equipment over-heating, damage caused by freezing, and many other hazards.

excellent environmental adaptability

Thermal sensors are only slightly affected by changing light conditions, total darkness, or other challenging weather, such as rain, fog or snow. This makes thermal cameras a perfect platform on which to build more efficient, 24/7 surveillance systems.

a full range of cameras to suite your needs

Thermal + Visable Bi-Spectrum Network Speed Dome

Thermal +  Visable Bi-Spectrum Network PTZ Camera

Thermal + Visable Bi-Spectrum Network Positioning System

Thermal Network Bullet Cameras

Handheld Observational Thermal Camera

Handheld Thermometric Thermal Camera

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